Friday, May 21, 2010

Ear pain after dental work?

My daughter just had dental surgery yesturday and now saies that her ear hurts. It is just the one ear and she saies that it only hurts alittle. Could this be due to the dental work? She had her 4 molars had cavities filled and sealed and the front tooth got drilled and a cap put on. She was also under anisthisia for about 2 hours. I believe the ear pain is just due to her procedure, what do you think?

Ear pain after dental work?
It could be from the stress put on her jaw joint. I have TMJ disorder and often have ear pain from that. Warm compresses might help, they do for me.

I spend about half my life feeling like I have at least 1 ear infection so I have tried everything. A simple thing like ironing a washcloth and then laying it on my ear while it's still hot helps as much as anything.

I hope she feels better soon.
Reply:could be tmj pain from holding her mouth open so long. sometimes that can feel like ear pain.
Reply:Go back to the dentist if it worsens.

I always opt for my teeth to be pulled to avoid complications
Reply:i had the exact same thing happened when i got my tooth pulled its the tube connecting your nose to your sinus cavity or something like that i take musnex for it and it works i am only elevin and go my tooth pulled 2 days a go so i think she has it lucky i was SO sick from swallowing blood man anyway good luck
Reply:I currently have a wisdom tooth that needs an extraction, but my dentist can't take me for another week. ANYHOW, yes! Sometimes, the pain gets so bad, it makes my jaw, ear, and temples ache. :(

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